Su hogar en las termas

With all the flying, time zone and climate changes, your skin can easily be brutalized by travel. Travel itself does not lend itself to good skincare routines as this is one of the first things many people give up during a trip away.

So, consider your skin when packing for your travels. Keep it clean, moisturized and well-hydrated.

16 tips for keeping your skin hydrated when you travel

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Avoid alcohol on planes
  3. Keep a regular exercise routine
  4. Kick off your shoes and earth
  5. Enjoy those humid countries
  6. Avoid caffeine
  7. Eat a healthy diet of fresh produce, especially those with a high water content
  8. Moisture before you get on the plane – I’d even use the miracle cream (see below) especially for long flights.
  9. Use a tinted moisturizer on the flight to avoid your makeup going dry and cakey (BB cream is my recommendation)
  10. Clean the makeup off your face each night – let it breathe (check out this makeup remover)
  11. Lip balms are also your new best friend
  12. Use oil on your skin during the day – I use rosehip oil
  13. A water spritzer or toner will help moisten your skin
  14. Use sunscreen and Aloe Vera to protect your from sun damage to the skin
  15. Drink plenty of coconut water – that’s my go-to when I feel a little dehydrated. You can bet your skin is feeling the same way and will soak up those electrolytes.
  16. Ditch the air-con! Open the window or turn on the fan in your hotel room

Ultra-hydrating night cream

Usually when I try new skin creams and miracle treatments, I’m a bit unsure as to whether they are working. If I like the feel of them, I’ll keep using it. I like the feel of Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream. It’s thick and creamy in the jar but feels light on the skin.

I feel a deep moisturising happening, which I love as I detest the feel of dry skin. I go to bed of a night with skin that feels soft and well-hydrated.

I’m one of those weird people who prefers humid heat – the biggest reason being because I can’t stand how dry heat makes my skin feel so zapped and parched.

When I’m travelling, I like to have rich moisturisers in my travel pack. Dryness is one of the main factors that contribute to the ageing of the skin, so a good moisturiser is essential.

Garner’s Miracle Sleeping Cream acts like a night mask and was inspired by Asian technology. I gravitate towards Asian technology because they have beautiful, glowing and youthful skin (plus their eastern healing methods are a winner too!)

The cream combines the power and richness of a face mask with the lightness of a cream to help reduce the signs, of dull, dry or tired skin. So it will help you look refreshed in the morning after a long transit journey (or a late night exploring!)

The facts

Infused with seven concentrated anti-ageing actives like Lavender Essential Oil, Rare Plant Extracts & Adenosine it absorbs fast to work in the deep layers of the epidermis. Over night, Miracle Sleeping Cream boosts cell renewal to regenerate your skin’s surface layer, helps repair its moisture barrier and reduce wrinkles.

I’ll never feel confident enough to claim that the cream performs wrinkle miracles as my eyes can’t help but pick out them out. BUT I can tell you that after using it for a week, Craig said to me, “Your skin is looking really good. You look younger.”

The cynics among you might say he was trying to get lucky, and I could possibly agree with you, but it’s something he’s not said before and it ties in with my use of the miracle cream, which he knew nothing about. Maybe I might sneak some on him when he’s sleeping!!

So, I can tell you my jar is almost empty and I’m going to be buying a new one! It’s only $19.95 RRP and my jar has lasted me 5 months!

It’s so easy to place having a good time ahead of health when you travel. The key is to make your skin routine simple when you travel. It will make a big difference to the wellbeing of your skin and you’ll thank yourself for the extra care when you get home.